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Clutch System - Honda CRF450X 2017 Owner's Manual & Competition Handbook

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Clutch System

Refer to Safety Precautions on page 25.
Clutch Lever Freeplay
(1) clutch lever
Check freeplay.
Freeplay: 3/8 – 13/16 in (10 – 20 mm)
If necessary, adjust to the specified range.
Improper freeplay adjustment can cause
premature clutch wear.
Make sure to adjust the clutch lever (1) freeplay
after the clutch cable is disconnected.
Servicing Your Honda
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Cable End Adjustment
Minor adjustments are generally made with the
clutch cable end adjuster.
(1) cable end adjuster
(+) increase freeplay
(–) decrease freeplay
Turning the cable end adjuster (1) in direction (+)
will increase freeplay and turning it in direction
( –) will decrease freeplay.
If the adjuster is threaded out near its limit or
the correct freeplay cannot be reached, turn the
adjuster all the way in and back out one turn
and make the adjustment with the integral cable
Integral Cable Adjustment
The integral cable adjuster is used if the cable
end adjuster is threaded out near its limit or the
correct freeplay cannot be obtained.
(1) lock nut
(+) increase
(2) integral cable adjuster
(–) decrease
1. Turn the cable end adjuster in direction (+)
until it seats lightly and then turn it out five
2. Loosen the lock nut (1).
3. Turn the integral cable adjuster (2) to obtain
the specified freeplay.
4. Tighten the lock nut. Check the freeplay.
5. Start the engine, pull the clutch lever in, and
shift into gear. Make sure the engine does
not stall and the motorcycle does not creep.
Gradually release the clutch lever and open
the throttle. Your CRF should move smoothly
and accelerate gradually.
If you can't get proper adjustment, or the clutch
does not work properly, the cable may be kinked
or worn, or the clutch discs may be worn.
Inspect the clutch discs and plates (page 58).
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