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Storing Discs And Caddies; Care Of Discs - Sony CDU924S User Manual

Cd-r drive unit
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Close the lid firmly.
Do not drop the disc or the caddy.
The caddy is designed so that its shutter automatically opens when it is
inserted into the drive unit. Do not open the shutter manually and touch
the disc.
Data cannot be recorded if the recording surface is contaminated.
The caddy is precisely adjusted at the factory. Do not disassemble it.
Using Discs and Caddies

Storing Discs and Caddies

Remove the caddy from the drive unit before moving the drive.
Do not store the disc and caddy in a location subject to:
– high humidity
– high temperature
– excessive dust
– direct sunlight

Care of Discs

Hold the disc by its edge. Do not touch the surface.
Wipe the CD-ROM disc with the optional CD cleaner to clean it.
Do not wipe a CD-R disc with a cleaner before recording data. To avoid
scratching the recording surface, blow away dust using an air blower.
Using Discs and Caddies


Table of Contents

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