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Using Main Tv Menu - Toshiba 24 L18 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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To change source: Press the middle of the button in
twice(for the second time in total), the source list will
appear on the screen. Scroll through the available
sources by pushing the button up or down.
To turn the TV off: Press the middle of the button in
and hold it down for a few seconds, the TV will turn
into standby mode.
To turn on the TV: Press the middle of the button in,
the TV will turn on.
• If you turn the TV off, this cycle starts again beginning
with the volume setting.
• Main menu OSD cannot be displayed via control
Operation with the Remote Control
Press the Menu button on your remote control to
display main menu. Use the directional buttons and
OK button to navigate and set. Press Return/Back
or Menu button to quit a menu screen.
Input Selection
Once you have connected external systems to your
TV, you can switch to different input sources. Press the
Source button on your remote control consecutively
to select the different sources.
Changing Channels and Volume
You can change the channel and adjust the volume
by using the Programme +/- and Volume +/- buttons
on the remote.

Using Main TV Menu

When the Menu button is pressed, the main TV menu
will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can
navigate through the menu items using the directional
buttons on the remote. To select an item or see the
sub-menu options of the highlighted menu press OK
button. When you highlight a menu option some of the
sub-menu items of this menu may appear on the upper
side of the menu bar for quick access. To use a quick
access item highlight it, press OK and set as desired
using the Left/Right directional buttons. When finished
press OK or Back/Return button to exit.
Press Exit button to close the main menu.
1. Home
When main menu is opened Home menu bar will
be highlighted. The content of the Home menu can
be customised by adding options from other menus.
Just highlight an option and press the Down direction
button on the remote. If you see Add to Home option
you can add it to the Home menu. Same way you can
delete or change the position of any item in the Home
menu. Press the Down direction button and select the
delete or move icon and press OK. In order to move
a menu item use the Right and Left direction buttons
to select the position that you want the item to move
to and press OK.
2. TV
2.1. Guide
You can access the electronic programme guide menu
using this option. Refer to Electronic Programme
Guide section for more information.
2.2. Channels
You can access the Channels menu using this option.
Refer to Using the Channel List section for more
2.3. Timers
You can set timers for future events using the options of
this menu. You can also review the previously created
timers under this menu.
To add a new timer select the Add Timer tab using the
Left/Right buttons and press OK. Set the sub-menu
options as desired and when finished press OK. A new
timer will be created.
To edit a previously created timer, highlight that timer,
select the Edit Selected Timer tab and press OK.
Change the sub-menu options as desired and press
OK to save your settings.
To cancel an already set timer, highlight that timer,
select Delete Selected Timer tab and press OK. A
confirmation message will be displayed. Highlight Yes
and press OK to proceed. The timer will be cancelled.
It is not possible to set timers for two or more events
that will broadcasted in different channels at the same
time interval. In this case you will be asked to choose
one of these timers and cancel others. Highlight the
timer you want to cancel and press OK, Options menu
will be displayed. Then highlight Set/Cancel and press
OK to cancel that timer. You will have to save changes
after that. In order to do that press OK, highlight Save
Changes and press OK again.
2.4. Recordings (Optional)
You can manage your recordings using the options
of this menu. You can playback, edit, delete or sort
previously recorded events. Highlight a tab by using
the Left or Right direction button and press OK to see
available options.
Recording Settings
You can also configure your recording preferences
using the Settings tab in the Recordings menu.
Highlight Settings tab by using Left or Right button
and press OK. Then select the desired item in the
sub-menu and set by using Left or Right button.
Start early: You can set recording timer's starting
time to start earlier by using this setting.
End late: You can set recording timer's end time to
end later by using this setting.
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