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Features; Accessories Included; Standby Notifications; Tv Control Switch & Operation - Toshiba 24 L18 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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• Remote controlled colour TV
• Fully integrated digital terrestrial/cable/satellite TV
• Fransat Installation Option
• HDMI inputs to connect other devices with HDMI
• USB input
• OSD menu system
• Scart socket for external devices (such as DVD
Players, PVR, video games, etc.)
• Stereo sound system
• Teletext
• Headphone connection
• Automatic programming system
• Manual tuning
• Automatic power down after up to eight hours
• Sleep timer
• Child lock
• Automatic sound mute when no transmission
• NTSC playback
• AVL (Automatic Volume Limiting)
• PLL (Frequency Search)
• PC input
• Game Mode (Optional)
• Picture off function
• Programme recording (Optional)
• Programme timeshifting (Optional)

Accessories Included

• Remote Control
• Batteries: 2 x AAA
• Quick Start Guide
• Product Fiche
• Side AV Connection Cable (**)
(**) Limited Models Only
Some features may not be available dependant on your
TV model, please check the product fiche for your
product specifications
For more detailed information on installation,
function and control refer to the full manual on our
the website at

Standby Notifications

aerial or HDMI source)
into standby. When you next switch-on, the following
message will be displayed:
mode automatically because there was no signal
for a long time."
The Auto TV OFF option(in the Settings>System
>More menu) could have been set to a value between
1 and 8 hours by default. If this setting is not set as Off
and the TV has been left on and not been operated
during the set time, it will switch into standby mode
after the set time has expired.
TV, the following message will be displayed.
switched to stand-by mode automatically because
no operation was made for a long time." Before the
TV switches into standby mode a dialogue window will
be displayed. If you do not press any button the TV
will switch into the standby mode after a waiting period
of about 5 minutes. You can highlight Yes and press
OK to switch the TV into standby mode immediately.
If you highlight No and press OK, the TV will remain
on. You can also choose to cancel the Auto TV OFF
function from this dialogue. Highlight Disable and
press OK, the TV will remain on and the function will
be cancelled. You can enable this function again by
changing the setting of the Auto TV OFF option from
the Settings>System>More menu.
TV Control Switch & Operation
Up direction
Down direction
Volume / Info / Sources List selection and
Standby-On switch
The Control button allows you to control the Volume
/ Programme / Source and Standby-On functions of
the TV.
To change volume: Increase the volume by pushing
the button up. Decrease the volume by pushing the
button down.
To change channel: Press the middle of the button
in, the information banner will appear on the screen.
Scroll through the stored channels by pushing the
button up or down.
English - 6 -
for 3
minutes, it will go
"TV switched to stand-by
When you next switch-on


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