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Sony MEX-BT2500 Operating Instructions Manual Page 22

Bluetooth audio system.
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Radio reception
The stations cannot be received.
The sound is hampered by noises.
• Connect a power antenna (aerial) control lead (blue)
or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power
supply lead of a car's antenna (aerial) booster (only
when your car has built-in FM/MW/SW antenna
(aerial) in the rear/side glass).
• Check the connection of the car antenna (aerial).
• The auto antenna (aerial) will not go up.
t Check the connection of the power antenna
(aerial) control lead.
• Check the frequency.
Preset tuning is not possible.
• Store the correct frequency in the memory.
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
Automatic tuning is not possible.
• Setting of the local seek mode is not correct.
t Tuning stops too frequently:
Set "LOCAL-ON" (page 16).
t Tuning does not stop at a station:
Set "MONO-ON" (page 16).
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
t Perform manual tuning.
During FM reception, the "ST" indication
• Tune in the frequency accurately.
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
t Set "MONO-ON" (page 16).
An FM program broadcast in stereo is heard in
The unit is in monaural reception mode.
t Set "MONO-OFF" (page 16).
Bluetooth function
The connecting device cannot detect this unit.
• Before the pairing is made, set this unit to pairing
standby mode.
• While connected to a Bluetooth device, this unit
cannot be detected from another device. Disconnect
the current connection and search for this unit from
another device.
• When the device pairing is made, set the Bluetooth
signal output to on (page 12).
Connection is not possible.
• Connect to this unit from a Bluetooth device or vice
versa, The connection is controlled from one side
(this unit or Bluetooth device), but not both.
• Check the pairing and connection procedures in the
manual of the other device, etc., and perform the
operation again.
The talker's voice volume is low.
Adjust the volume level.
Echo or noise occurs in phone call
• Lower the volume.
• If the ambient noise other than the phone call sound
is loud, try reducing this noise.
E.g.: If a window is open and road noise, etc., is loud,
shut the window. If the air conditioner is loud, lower
the air conditioner.
The phone is not connected.
When the Bluetooth audio is played back, the phone is
not connected even if you press
t Connect from the phone.
The phone sound quality is poor.
Phone sound quality depends on reception conditions
of cellular phone.
t Move your car to a place where you can enhance
the cellular phone's signal if the reception is poor.
The volume of the connected audio device is
low (high).
Volume level will differ depending on the audio
t Adjust the volume of the connected audio device or
this unit.
The sound skips during playback of a
Bluetooth audio device.
• Reduce the distance between the unit and the
Bluetooth audio device.
• If the Bluetooth audio device is stored in a case
which interrupts the signal, remove the audio device
from the case while using.
• Several Bluetooth devices or other devices which
emit radio waves are used nearby.
t Turn off the other devices.
t Reduce the distance from the other devices.
• The playback sound stops momentarily when the
connection between this unit and the cellular phone is
being made. This is not a malfunction.
The connected Bluetooth audio device cannot
be controlled.
Check that the connected Bluetooth audio device
supports AVRCP.
Some functions do not work.
Check if the connecting device supports the functions
in question.
A call is answered unintentionally.
The connecting phone is set to answer a call
No sound is output from the car speakers
during handsfree call.
If the sound is output from the cellular phone, set the
cellular phone to output the sound from the car
"OFF BT" appears when initializing.
Press (OFF). Press and hold (EQ/BLUETOOTH) until
" turns off. Then initialize again.



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