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Rotary Tables; Operation - Mitsubishi Electric Q172CPU Programming Manual

Motion controller, virtual mode
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8.3 Rotary Tables

8.3.1 Operation

The rotary table is used to make a machine connected to servomotor gyrate.
This section describes the rotary table operation and parameters required to use rotary
(1) Operation
(a) The rotary table is controlled with the speed that the speed/travel value of
drive module multiplied by a gear ratio of transmission module, and the
travel value is output.
(Rotary table speed)
(Rotary table travel value) = (Drive module travel value) [PLS]
The speed/travel value of drive module transmitted to the rotary table is
commanded to the servo amplifier.
(b) When a clutch is used, the rotary table is controlled at clutch ON.
(2) Control details
(a) Feed current value is continued, even if it switches from the real to virtual
mode/from the virtual to real mode.
(b) Backlash compensation processing is continued with the settings value of
fixed parameters, even if it switches the real/virtual mode.
(c) The travel value per pulse is controlled with the travel value per pulse in the
fixed parameters.
= (Drive module speed) [PLS/s]
Drive module
Gear(Gear ratio)
Rotary table
8 - 13
(Gear ratio) [PLS/s]
(Gear ratio) [PLS]


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