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Important Safeguards; Warnings; Prop 65 Warning; Hazard: Injection Injury - Black & Decker PRO 5.5 Instruction Manual

Airless sprayer. power paint sprayer
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Like other power tools airless sprayers are safe when properly
used but can be dangerous if misused. It is the responsibility of
the user to read and understand all instructions, IMPORTANT
SAFEGUARDS, and safety precautions before operating the unit
and to use the unit properly. Failure to do so may result in
personal injury or loss of life and product damage.
Do not try to repair (or disassemble) the unit yourself. Repairs
should be performed by a qualified shop familiar with this unit or
returned to HOME RIGHT
with authorized parts only. When using parts that do not comply
with the specifications and safety devices of the manufacturer, the
user assumes all risks and liabilities.


• DO NOT aim sprayer at yourself or anyone else; in the event of
injury, seek expert medical advice immediately.
• DO NOT operate sprayer without paint or fluid in it, the sprayer
force can cause injuries to people and animals.
• DO NOT cover the nozzle with any part of your body, high
velocity jet can cause accidental injuries.
• DO NOT leave your sprayer unclean or allow paint to dry in the
pump. An unclean sprayer will not work next time and you
could void the warranty.
• DO NOT spray textured materials containing asbestos fibers.
• DO NOT spray any textured materials containing particles or
fibers such as metallic paints, fire retardant paints.
• DO NOT spray flammable liquid. If spraying is absolutely
necessary, be sure to provide adequate ventilation and you must
follow the paint/solvent manufacturer's safety precautions and
instructions precisely.
• DO NOT use the spray gun outside when it's raining.
• DO NOT use sprayer below garage floor or grade level.
• DO NOT disassemble the sprayer without reading directions to
avoid danger.
• DO NOT allow any part of the body to come into contact with
the fluid stream.
• DO use a three-pronged extension cord that is at least 18 gage.
• DO only plug the cord or extension cord into a three-pronged
grounded power supply.
• DO keep the sprayer out of the reach of children.
• ALWAYS place the sprayer upright (do not place the sprayer
upside down or on its side) to prevent liquid entering internal
wiring and causing electric shock.


(see warranty). This unit is to be used
• ALWAYS clean and lubricate piston and cylinder after spraying
water or paint.
• ALWAYS wear mask, goggle, ear protectors and eye protection
while operating the sprayer.
• ALWAYS unplug the cord to prevent accidental spraying when
you stop spraying.
• NEVER immerse the sprayer gun into water or other liquids to
prevent electrical shock.
1. HAZARD: Solvent and paint fumes can explode or ignite,
causing property damage and severe injury, avoid all low
ignition sources such as static electricity sparks and open
2. HAZARD: Paints, solvents, insecticides, and other materials may
be harmful if inhaled, causing severe nausea, fainting, or
3. HAZARD: Do not hold cord at plug connections to support cord.
Failure to observe may result in electrical shock.


Handling the coated electrical wires of this product exposes you to
lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth
defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after use.


The airless sprayer pumps materials at high pressure and can
pierce skin and underlying tissue, leading to serious injury or
Do not treat injection injuries as a simple cut. Injection injuries
can lead to amputation. Seek a physician's help immediately.
• Never put hand in front of gun. Gloves will not prevent injection
• Never leave sprayer unattended or plugged in while cleaning.
• Never remove tip guard while spraying.


Paint, stain and solvent fumes can explode or ignite, causing
property damage and/or severe injury.
• Keep area well ventilated. Exhaust and introduce fresh air to
keep fumes from accumulating in work area.
• Do not spray in areas where there are ignition sources, static
electricity sparks, pilot lights, heaters, hot objects, cigarettes,
open flames.
• Have fire extinguishing equipment present and in good working
• Follow safety instructions and IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS of
material manufacturers.

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