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Troubleshooting - Black & Decker PRO 5.5 Instruction Manual

Airless sprayer. power paint sprayer
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Motor does not run
Motor makes muffled
humming sound
Stain or Paint is spitting
Excessive over spray (fogging)
Uneven spray pattern
Material leaks into head
of cylinder housing
Material dripping
Motor overheats
Stain or Paint will not
draw up into the Model
PRO 5.5
Model PRO 5.5
will not spray


•No power to motor.
•Loose electrical connection.
•Defective motor or switch.
•The Volume Control Knob is screwed
in all the way.
•Seized piston.
•Plugged Atomizer Valve or Spray Tip.
•Atomizer Valve assembly is not seated properly.
•Container volume is low.
•Improper adjustment.
•Stain or Paint material is too thick.
•Pick-Up Tube is not tight to Cylinder Housing.
•Loose Spray Tip.
•Stain material has impurities.
•Paint material has impurities.
•Worn Atomizer Valve.
•MODEL PRO 5.5 too far
from surface.
•Pressure too high.
•Worn Spray Tip.
•Stain or Paint material is too thick.
•One or more holes in the Atomizer Valve
are clogged.
•Partial blockage in Spray Tip.
•Operating MODEL PRO 5.5
with an upward tilt.
•Piston or Cylinder Housing scored.
•Spray Tip loose.
•Operating MODEL PRO 5.5
at more than a 40° angle.
•Operating MODEL PRO 5.5
for a prolonged period of time.
•Extension cord too long.
•MODEL PRO 5.5 not lubricated.
•Hole between inlet and Cylinder Housing plugged. •Make sure Pick-Up Tube is in the correct port
•Atomizer Valve plugged.
•Atomizer Valve not properly seated.
•Stain or Paint material is too thick.
•Pick-Up Tube is not tight to Cylinder Housing.
•Check wall outlet and extension cord.
•Discontinue use, call Customer Service.
•Call Customer Service.
•Adjust the Volume Control Knob.
•Remove Piston and Cylinder Housing and clean
then add Petroleum Oil.
•Replace Atomizer Valve and clean holes in
Spray Tip.
•Replace Atomizer Valve.
•Refill Container.
•Adjust Volume Control Knob.
•Thin according to manufacturer's requirements.
•Reattach Pick-Up Tube to Cylinder Housing.
•Tighten Spray Tip.
•Pour stain material through strainer.
•Pour paint through paint strainer.
•Replace Atomizer Valve.
•Move MODEL PRO 5.5 closer to
to surface.
•Adjust Volume Control Knob.
•Replace Spray Tip.
•Thin according to manufacturer's requirements.
•Clean Atomizer Valve.
•Clean Spray Tip.
•Keep MODEL PRO 5.5 level.
•Replace Piston or Cylinder Housing.
•Tighten Spray Tip.
•Keep MODEL PRO 5.5 upright.
•Let MODEL PRO 5.5 cool.
•Replace with proper size.
•Lubricate MODEL PRO 5.5 parts.
(longer one) and then tighten the Nozzle.
•Ensure that Atomizer Valve is clean and free
from debris.
•Within Cylinder Housing ensure that the
Atomizer Valve is properly seated, also check
to make sure the Atomizer Valve is inserted
• Thin according to manufacturer's requirements.
• Reattach Pick-Up Tube to Cylinder Housing.

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