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Siemens SITRANS RD500 Application Manual page 3

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Click on the check box to enable the first Log entry. Enter a Name (e.g. LevelLog), set the desired Interval and then click
Apply. (Another log entry will appear below the first one.)
Configuring RD500 to Read MODBUS Registers from MultiRanger
Click on I/O > MODBUS; you should see the screen below.
In the RS485 Port section, set the Baud Rate to 19200, as shown above.
Click on the checkbox to enable a MODBUS device, and then enter a Name, e.g. MultiRanger 100. Set Node to 1 and
click on Apply. (Another MODBUS device entry will appear below the first one.)
Be sure all serial communication settings are the same on both the RD500 and the MultiRanger (Baud, data
bits, stop bits and parity).
Parameter P772 controls the baud rate of the MultiRanger. Be sure to select Port 2 for RS485.
Click on Configure to open the device node page for the MultiRanger, shown below.
SITRANS RD500 – MultiRanger Configuration
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