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Careful Riding - INOKIM OXO User Manual Manual

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Get to know your OXO before driving it Test your control over it. Make your
turns slowly and cautiously, and give yourself stopping distance
To gain control over your scooter, practice your first ride on your OXO in an
open space with no obstacles to disturb you
The OXO requires a short adjustment and break-in period
for all moving parts to adjust themselves into their correct position
Before each ride always:
1. Check your brakes function
2. Check the tires for signs of wear
Spin them to make sure that they are not yet in need of replacing
Make sure that the wheels are freely rotating clear of the brakes
3. Perform a visual inspection :
That all screws and nuts are tight and in place
Note if anything looks amiss, or is showing signs of wear
If you are unsure, bring your OXO to an authorized INOKIM distributor
Before riding position your foot as close as possible to the front section of the
scooter, and your other foot on the ground. Make sure that your driving route
is clear
To start riding, boost yourself forwards (as on non-motorized scooters)
with your foot that is on the ground. Place it on the scooter immediately
afterwards and press the thumb lever downwards, tilting your body forwards
so you won't fall backwards during acceleration
As you accelerate, lean forwards.
As you brake, tilt your weight backwards!
Avoid putting body weight on the handle bars whilst accelerating and
Keep one foot behind the other, (it's more comfortable to place one foot
forward and the other one turned backwards at 70-90°, like on skate/
surfboard). It will help you gain more stability
Turns - The turns on INOKIM are done as on skis/surf/snowboard. The han-
dlebar should be in parallel to the body. Before turning look at the ap-
proaching direction and make sure turning is safe
Braking - Tilt your weight backwards so that the brake action will come
through the feet and not through the handlebar and steering system.
It is best to learn how to adjust the centre of gravity while stopping,
otherwise there is a dual concern: forward tipping over and/or wear
and breaking of the handlebar and steering system
Riding, like most sports, involves risks of injury and
damage. By choosing to ride INOKIM the responsibility
and all inherent risk is on you. It is crucial that you know,
understand and act according to safety rules

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