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Mitsubishi Electric NZ2GN2B1-32D User Manual Page 34

Programmable controller cc-link ie tsn remote i/o module.
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NZ2GN2B1-32TE transistor output module
Station type
Authentication Class
Number of output points
Rated load voltage
Max. load current
Maximum inrush current
Leakage current at OFF
Max. voltage drop at ON
Output response time
Surge suppressor
External power supply for
output part
Withstand voltage
Insulation resistance
Noise immunity
Protection degree
Wiring method for common
Protection function
Overload protection
Overheat protection
External interface
Communication part
Module power supply part
I/O part
Applicable wire size
For power supply
For I/O
Applicable solderless
Terminal block for module
power supply and FG
Terminal block for output
Cyclic transmission
RX/RY points
RWr/RWw points
Module power supply
*1 Use bar solderless terminals for wiring.
*2 Only one wire can be inserted into a wire insertion opening for the terminal block for module power supply and FG. Multiple wires cannot
be connected to a terminal. Connecting two or more wires may cause a poor contact.
3.3 Performance Specifications
Remote station
Authentication Class B
32 points
12/24VDC (ripple rate: 5% or less) (Allowable voltage range: 10.2 to 28.8VDC)
0.5A/point, 5A/common
Current is limited by the overload protection function.
0.1mA or less
0.5VDC (TYP.) 0.5A, 0.8VDC (MAX.) 0.5A
0.5ms or less
1.0ms or less (resistive load)
Zener diode
12/24VDC (ripple rate: 5% or less) (Allowable voltage range: 10.2 to 28.8VDC)
80mA or less (TYP. 24VDC per common) External load current is not included.
510VAC for 1 minute between all DC external terminals and ground
10MΩ or higher between all DC external terminals and ground (500VDC insulation resistance tester)
Noise voltage 500Vp-p, noise width 1μs, noise frequency 25 to 60Hz (DC type noise simulator
32 points/common (Common terminal: terminal number 33) (1-wire, screw terminal block type)
Source type
Limited current when detecting overcurrent: 1.5A or more/point
Activated to each point.
Activated to each point.
RJ45 connector
Terminal block for module power supply and FG (2-piece spring clamp terminal block)
34-point two-piece terminal block
Tightening torque range for terminal screw (M3 × 5.2 screw): 0.43 to 0.57N⋅m
Tightening torque range for terminal block mounting screw (M3.5 screw): 0.68 to 0.92N⋅m
Stranded wire: 0.3 to 1.5 (22 to 16 AWG), terminal slot size: 2.4mm × 1.5mm
Stranded wire: 0.3 to 2.0 (22 to 14 AWG)
Page 65 Applicable solderless terminal
Page 72 Applicable solderless terminal
32 points
4 points
24VDC (ripple rate: 5% or less) (Allowable voltage range: 20.4 to 28.8VDC)
120mA or less (24VDC, all points ON)


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