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Vcl-714bxa Zoom Lens - Sony DSR-300 Brochure & Specs

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DXF-701WS Viewfinder
The Sony DXF-701WS is a high
resolution, 1.5-inch black and white
viewfinder with the following
V/H Detail Control
Both vertical and horizontal detail levels
can be variably adjusted by the
PEAKING potentiometer on the
viewfinder body, while monitoring the
ratio of both detail levels.
Two Red REC Tally Lamps
In addition to the standard REC tally
above the viewfinder screen, another
REC tally is located below the screen to
prevent overlooking the REC tally
indication. This second tally lamp is
ON/OFF switchable through the
TAKE Tally Lamp
The DXF-701WS also has a TAKE tally
lamp for use with the ClipLink system.
The TAKE tally can also be used as a
second tally lamp.
Reliable and Ergonomic Design
A diecast aluminum body makes the
DXF-701WS extremely durable. The
viewfinder's position can be adjusted in
a broad horizontal plane according to
the operator's preference. The large
diameter eye cup not only eases eye
strain but also simplifies focusing. A
wide range of diopter adjustments
(-3 to 0) is provided to compensate for
differences in eyesight.
BC-L50 Lithium-ion Battery Charger
The Sony BC-L50 is a newly developed
battery charger which can be used with
Lithium-ion battery packs such as the
BP-L40. This compact and easy to carry
unit quickly charges up to two Lithium-
ion batteries and use a unique new time-
saving charging system.
Compact and Lightweight
The BC-L50 has a retractable foot and a
carrying handle. The foot can be used to
stabilize the unit during battery charging.
The handle can be used when carrying
the unit. Both the foot and the handle
retract into the unit when not in use.
Charge Progress Indicator
The BC-L50 has charge indicators which
flash or light to indicate the status of up
to two installed battery packs.

VCL-714BXA Zoom Lens

To enhance the performance of the
DSR-300, the Sony VCL-714BXA is a
1/2-inch x14 zoom lens with two newly
developed 7-pin hot-shoe connectors.
This 14-pin hot-shoe connector interface
allows more precise auto iris control,
an F stop number display on the
viewfinder screen and zoom remote
control (with the Sony RM-VJ1 Remote
Control Unit) in addition to the lens
controls enabled with the conventional
New Charging System
When charging two battery packs at the
same time, the BC-L50 begins to charge
the second pack when the first is 80%
charged. Conventional charging
systems only start to charge the second
pack when the first is 100% charged.
With the BC-L50 battery packs are
charged in less time than before, thanks
to this unique new charging system.
Conventional charging system
(charging two BP-L40s)
Charge battery pack 1
Charge battery pack 2
Charging of battery pack 2 starts
after battery pack1 is 100% charged.
New charging system of BC-L50
(charging two BP-L40s)
Chage battery
Chage battery
Chage battery pack
pack 1
pack 2
1&2 at the same time.
Charging of battery pack 2 starts when battery pack 1 is 80%
charged. When battery pack 2 is 80% charged. simultaneous
charging of both battery packs up to 100% starts, This allows
two battery packs to be charged in less time than previously.


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