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Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-R AnyWireASLINK User Manual Page 42

Master module.
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■Parameter setting
Parameters cannot be set in the following cases.
• When an error occurs in the AnyWireASLINK system (Example: Short circuit, 24VDC external power supply voltage drop)
• Within approximately five seconds after the AnyWireASLINK system is powered on or system is reset
• While 'AnyWireASLINK version compatibility inspection executing flag' (XD) is on
• While 'Adjustment mode executing flag' (XF) is on
• When the automatic address detection is in progress (While 'Automatic address detection flag' (X14) is on)
• When the same address used check is in progress (While 'Overlap address inspection flag' (X15) is on)
• When the parameter access is in progress (While 'Parameter access request command for the slave module' (Y10),
'Parameter batch read command for the slave module' (Y11), or 'Parameter batch write command for the slave module'
(Y12) is on)
• When any of the following errors has occurred
Error code
■Parameter reading and writing
• When parameter read or write is in progress, 'Parameter access completion flag' (X11) turns off. Refer to the section
describing the parameter access timing, and adjust the access timing. ( Page 38 Check of the parameter access
• While the parameters are being read or written, do not execute re-access to the parameters, automatic address detection,
same address used check, or AnyWireASLINK version compatibility inspection.
■Parameter access, parameter batch read, and parameter batch write
• These operations cannot be performed to a slave module whose ID has not been registered in the RJ51AW12AL.
• Remove a same ID used error or a no ID setting error of the slave module. Then perform the operations.
• Because parameter batch write updates all parameters of target slave modules, all parameters to which no changes are
made need to be set correctly. Be sure to execute parameter batch read right before executing parameter batch write.
Then, import the latest parameters and execute parameter batch write. Executing parameter batch write without executing
parameter batch read will result in a malfunction.
• When the automatic address detection is executed, the parameter batch read is executed simultaneously.
• Note that the RJ51AW12AL may communicate with a slave module and output parameters even if no parameters are set.
• When Y10, Y11, and Y12 are turned on at the same time, the order of priority will be Y10 > Y11 > Y12.
1.12 Slave Module Parameter Read/Write
Error description
Transmission cable voltage drop error
DP/DN short error
24V/DP short error
EEPROM access error
RJ51AW12AL hardware failure
CPU module stop error (IORSTL signal detection)
System error (NMI signal detection)
CPU module error (ITERR signal detection)
ASIC access error (library I/F function access error)


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