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Setup And Configuration - Honeywell LYRIC T4 Product Specification Sheet

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Install Thermostat(T4 and T4M only)
A. Wall plate
Using a screwdriver open wall plate
terminal cover to connect wires.
Power Up the Thermostat (T4 and T4R only)
Remove the battery tab and clip the
thermostat onto the wall-plate.

Setup and Configuration

After power up, the language selection is displayed on the thermostat's screen.
Press + or – to select language
and press
The T4R thermostat wireless kit comes pre-bound from the factory.
The binding operation described below is only required if:
• The T4 thermostat or the Receiver box is replaced
• The T4 thermostat or the Receiver box has incorrect or no binding data stored
To bind/rebind
Note: When the Receiver box has been bound before, first press with a small pin
the pinhole for approximately 3 seconds to reset the binding, LEDs will flash
amber for a moment.
Put the Receiver box into binding mode by pressing the button for 3 secs.
The LED will flash amber.
Enable binding on thermostat:
Enter binding menu by pressing and hold the
the – button.
Change parameter 14A to 1 and press
When binding is successful:
will appear on the thermostat's screen.
The Receiver box status LED will show steady green
B. Surface wiring
Connect wires according to wiring
diagrams and clip the cover closed.
to confirm
to confirm
Press + or – to set date, time and
clock format and press
for 3 secs and the press
C. Place thermostat
Attach the thermostat to the wall
plate when finished
to confirm



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