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Maintenance Information And Precautions - Sony DCR-IP45 Operating Instructions Manual

Digital video camera recorder.
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Maintenance information and precautions

Moisture condensation
If your camcorder is brought directly from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may
condense inside your camcorder, on the surface of the tape, or on the lens. In this
condition, the tape may stick to the head drum and be damaged or your camcorder may
not operate correctly. If there is moisture inside your camcorder, the beep sounds and
the % indicator flashes. When the Z indicator flashes at the same time, the cassette is
inserted in your camcorder. If moisture condenses on the lens, the indicator will not
If moisture condensation occurred
None of the functions except cassette ejection will work. Eject the cassette, turn off your
camcorder, and leave it for about one hour with the cassette compartment open. Your
camcorder can be used again if the % indicator does not appear when the power is
turned on again.
If moisture starts to condense, your camcorder sometimes cannot detect condensation.
If this happens, the cassette is sometimes not ejected for 10 seconds after the cassette lid
is opened. This is not a malfunction. Do not close the cassette lid until the cassette is
Note on moisture condensation
Moisture may condense when you bring your camcorder from a cold place into a warm
place (or vice versa) or when you use your camcorder in a hot place as follows:
– You bring your camcorder from a ski slope into a place warmed up by a heating
– You bring your camcorder from an air-conditioned car or room into a hot place
– You use your camcorder after a squall or a shower
– You use your camcorder in a high temperature and humidity place
How to prevent moisture condensation
When you bring your camcorder from a cold place into a warm place, put your
camcorder in a plastic bag and tightly seal it. Remove the bag when the air temperature
inside the plastic bag has reached the surrounding temperature (after about one hour).
Maintenance information
Cleaning the video head
To ensure normal recording and clear pictures, clean the video head. The video head
may be dirty when:
– mosaic-pattern noise appears on the playback picture.
– playback pictures do not move.
– playback pictures do not appear.
– the x indicator and
the LCD screen during recording.
CLEANING CASSETTE message appear one after another on


Table of Contents

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