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Features On Vcr Section - Sony 300PF Operating Instructions Manual

Sony digital camcorder operating instructions.
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Viewfinder super detail
Video signals for the viewfinder are mixed with DTL
signals to make focusing easier.
Dual zebra pattern display
Two types of zebra patterns, zebra 1 and zebra 2 can
be displayed simultaneously or independently. The
zebra 1 can be set to the levels ranging from 70 to 90
IRE on the DSR-300 (or from 70 to 90% on the DSR-
300P) and the zebra 2 indicates the levels of 100 IRE
or more for the DSR-300 (or the levels of 100% or
more for the DSR-300P).
Color temperature display
When reading the white balance, the color temperature
is displayed on the viewfinder screen.
Switching the color temperatures for the
preset white balance
You can select the preset white balance at 3200 K or
5600 K by setting the FILTER control. The 3200 K
preset can be switched to the 3000 K preset when the
menu setting is changed.
Video monitor output with text
The video signal with text superimposed that is shown
in the viewfinder can also be output to an external
video monitor.
1-kHz reference signal output
Along with a color bar, a 1-kHz reference signal can
also be output.
Freeze mix function
The freeze mix function superimposes any previously
recorded still picture on the viewfinder screen to
facilitate framing the subject when reshooting the
Edit Search Function
Pressing the EDIT SEARCH buttons allows the tape to
play back in search mode. Set either of two playback
Settings at shooting are recorded onto the tape in real
time. This recorded data can then be used to reproduce
the same shooting conditions in subsequent shots. It
also makes it easier to identify the cause of problems
in previous shots.
Video light control
A video light connector and control switch are
equipped. You can turn the light on and off
automatically as you start and stop VCR operation.
High-performance viewfinder (DXF-
• High resolution (600 TV lines of horizontal
• Large-diameter eye cup for easier viewing and
• PEAKING potentiometer for vertical and horizontal
detail control
• Two indicators can be used as TALLY indicators
• Tough die-cast aluminum body

Features on VCR Section

The DSR-300/300P uses the DVCAM recording
format. The internal signal processing is digitalized to
provide more stable output signals and higher
Compatible with consumer DV
A DV cassette recorded on a DV-format VCR can be
played back on the DSR-300/300P. (Cassettes
recorded in LP mode cannot be played back.)
DVCAM cassettes
• The DSR-300/300P can use both standard-size and
mini-size DVCAM cassettes. According to cassette
size, the DSR-300/300P automatically corrects reel
• The maximum recording/playback times are 184
minutes for standard size cassettes and 40 minutes for
mini cassettes.
• DVCAM cassettes include a cassette memory.
Information about the editing points (ClipLink™ log
data) that is specified while shooting is recorded into
this cassette memory.
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