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Iris Adjustments - Sony 300PF Operating Instructions Manual

Sony digital camcorder operating instructions.
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Iris Adjustments

Iris ring
There are three ways of adjusting the iris:
automatically, manually, and with the instant
automatic iris adjustment function.
Iris adjustment
Adjustment method
Automatic adjustment mode
The iris is adjusted automatically to
adapt to changes in the brightness of
the subject. This is the mode for
normal shooting.
Manual adjustment mode
Use this mode in the following cases:
• For special effects
• When filming a person with a very
bright sky background
• When shooting a subject with
extreme contrast
The zebra pattern can be used as a
guideline for iris adjustment.
Instant automatic adjustment
While in manual adjustment mode,
this function makes a temporary
automatic adjustment.
Chapter 5 Adjustments and Settings
Instant automatic
iris button
Iris selector
To make the image lighter when shooting
against the light
In the automatic iris adjustment mode, set the A.IRIS
MODE switch to BACK L, turning the indicator on.
To make the image clearer when shooting a
subject lit by a spotlight
Set the iris selector
In the automatic iris adjustment mode, set the A.IRIS
to the A position.
MODE switch to SPOT L, turning the indicator on.
Set the iris selector
Using the zebra pattern in manual
to the M position
adjustment mode
and turn the iris ring
as required.
To use the zebra pattern as a guideline for iris
adjustment in manual adjustment mode, press the
ZEBRA button to set it on.
Select the zebra pattern to be displayed in advanced
menu page 4 (see page 86).
With the iris selector
in the M position,
• When the subject is a person
hold down the
Adjust the iris manually so that the zebra pattern
instant automatic iris
appears on the highlights of the subject's face.
button for as long as
• For other subjects
Adjust the iris manually so that the zebra pattern
appears on the most important parts of the subject.
ZEBRA button
A.IRIS MODE switch


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