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Makita DUT130 Instruction Manual page 7

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Tool / battery protection system
The tool is equipped with a tool/battery protection sys-
tem. This system automatically cuts off power to the
motor to extend tool and battery life. The tool will auto-
matically stop during operation if the tool or battery is
placed under one of the following conditions:
Overload protection
When the tool or battery is operated in a manner that
causes it to draw an abnormally high current, the tool
automatically stops without any indication. In this sit-
uation, turn the tool off and stop the application that
caused the tool to become overloaded. Then turn the
tool on to restart.
Overheat protection
When the tool or battery is overheated, the tool stops
automatically. In this case, let the tool and battery cool
before turning the tool on again.
Overdischarge protection
When the battery capacity is not enough, the tool stops
automatically. In this case, remove the battery from the
tool and charge the battery.
Switch action
Before installing the battery car-
tridge into the tool, always check to see that the
switch trigger actuates properly and returns to
the "OFF" position when released.
Switch can be locked in "ON" posi-
tion for ease of operator comfort during extended
use. Apply caution when locking tool in "ON"
position and maintain firm grasp on tool.
Do not install the battery cartridge
with the lock button engaged.
When not operating the tool,
depress the trigger-lock button from
lock the switch trigger in the OFF position.
► 1 . Trigger-lock button
side to
► 1. Switch trigger 2. Lock button 3. Trigger-lock button
To prevent the switch trigger from accidentally pulled,
the trigger-lock button is provided. To start the tool,
depress the trigger-lock button from A (
the switch trigger. Tool speed is increased by increas-
ing pressure on the switch trigger. Release the switch
trigger to stop. After use, depress the trigger-lock button
from B ( ) side.
For continuous operation, depress the lock button while
pulling the switch trigger, and then release the switch
trigger. To stop the tool, pull the switch trigger fully, then
release it.
Speed change
Use the speed change knob only after
the tool comes to a complete stop. Changing the
tool speed before the tool stops may damage the tool.
Always set the speed change knob
carefully into the correct position. If you operate
the tool with the speed change knob positioned half-
way between the position 1 and the position 2, the
tool may be damaged.
If the rotation speed significantly
decreases during operation in the high speed
mode, stop the tool and change the mode to the
low speed mode. Otherwise, the motor may get
overloaded and cause a malfunction or fire.
Two speed ranges can be preselected with the speed
change knob.
To change the speed, turn the speed change knob so
that the pointer points to the position 1 for low speed or
the position 2 for high speed.
► 1 . Pointer 2. Speed change knob
) side and pull



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