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American Standard AUD2B060AFV32A Installer's Manual Page 4

Variable speed, 2-stage, 80% upflow/horizontal gas-fired furnaces, fan assisted combustion system with whole house air cleaner.
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Installer's Guide
The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for equip-
ment installed in violation of any code or regulation.
It is recommended that Manual J of the Air Condition-
ing Contractors Association (ACCA) or A.R.I. 230 be fol-
lowed in estimating heating requirements. When esti-
mating heating requirements for installation at Alti-
tudes above 2000 ft., remember the gas input must be
reduced (See combustion and input check page 21).
Material in this shipment has been inspected at
the factory and released to the transportation
agency without known damage. Inspect exterior
of carton for evidence of rough handling in ship-
ment. Unpack carefully after moving equipment
to approximate location. If damage to contents is
found, report the damage immediately to the de-
livering agency.
Codes and local utility requirements governing the
installation of gas fired equipment, wiring, plumbing,
and flue connections must be adhered to. In the ab-
sence of local codes, the installation must conform with
latest edition of the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI
Z223.1 • National Installation Code, CAN/CGA B149.1.
The latest code may be obtained from the American Gas
Association Laboratories, 400 N. Capitol St. NW,
Washington D.C. 20001.
1-800-699-9277 or
These furnaces have been classified as Fan Assisted
Combustion system CATEGORY I furnaces as required
by ANSI Z21.47 "latest edition" and CAN/CGA 2.3.
Therefore they do not require any special provisions for
venting other than what is indicated in these instruc-
tions. (Category I defined on pages 12 and 13).
Do NOT install the Furnace directly on carpeting, tile or
other combustible material other than wood flooring.
Do NOT install the Furnace in a corrosive or contami-
nated atmosphere.
Failure to follow this warning could result in early
equipment failure.
The location of the Furnace is normally selected by the
architect, the builder, or the installer. However, before
the Furnace is moved into place, be sure to consider the
following requirements:
1. Is the location selected as near the chimney or vent
and as centralized for heat distribution as practical?
2. Do all clearances between the Furnace and enclo-
sure equal or exceed the minimums stated in Clear
ance Table on the Outline Drawings?
3. Is there sufficient space for servicing the Furnace
and other equipment? A minimum of 24 inches
front accessibility to the Furnace must be provided.
Any access door or panel must permit removal of
the largest component.
4. Are there at least 3 inches of clearance between the
Furnace combustion air openings in the front panel
and any closed panel or door provided?
5. Are the ventilation and combustion air openings
large enough and will they remain unobstructed? If
outside air is used, are the openings set above the
highest snow accumulation level? (See the Air for
Combustion and Ventilation section, page 9)
6. A heavy gauge steel plate is attached to the
bottom of the unit for protection during ship-
ping and handling prior to the unit installa-
tion. Leave this plate in place until the unit is
ready to be connected to the ductwork.
7. A Pre-filter is not required to be installed with
the furnace containing a Whole House Air
Cleaner. If the use of a Pre-Filter is desired, it
must be installed at least 6" away from the Whole
House Air Cleaner. The additional pressure drop
of the Pre-Filter must be considered during duct
design or evaluation to ensure proper airflow.
8. Allow sufficient height in supply plenum above the
Furnace to provide for cooling coil installation, if
the cooling coil is not installed at the time of this
Furnace installation.
9. A Furnace shall be installed so electrical compo-
nents are protected from water.
10. DO NOT use silicon based sealant in the airstream.
This causes a coating on the FIELD CHARGER pins
that will decrease the efficiency of the air cleaner.
11. Allow a minimum of 24 inches clearance in front of
the air cleaner to permit removal of COLLECTION
12. DO NOT install furnace where the air cleaner can
be exposed to UV light.


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