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Siemens OpenAir GDE Series Technical Instructions page 8

Non-spring return rotary 24 vac floating control electric damper actuator
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Technical Instructions
Document No. 155-188P25
December 26, 2007
Direction of Damper
Page 8
All wiring must conform to NEC and local codes and regulations.
Use earth ground isolating step-down Class 2 transformers. Do not use autotransformers.
The sum of the VA ratings of all actuators and all other components powered by one
transformer must not exceed the rating of the transformer. It is recommended that one
transformer power no more than ten actuators.
Do not wire different types of actuators (such as GBBx or GIBx) in parallel with
the GDE13x or the GLB13x models.
All six outputs of the dual auxiliary switch (A and B) must only be connected to:
Class 2 voltage (UL/CSA).
Separated Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) or Protective Extra Low Voltage
(PELV) (according to HD384-4-41) for installations requiring
conformance. You must use a
Installations requiring
All wiring for CE certified actuators must be "Separated Extra Low
Voltage" (SELV) or "Protective Extra Low Voltage" (PELV) per
Use safety-isolating transformers (Class III transformer) per EN61558.
They must be rated for 100% duty cycle.
Over current protection for supply lines is maximum 10A.
If the damper blades turn counterclockwise to open (CCW), reverse the 6 (violet) and
7 (orange) wires at the controller.
OpenAir Non-Spring Return Rotary Electric Damper Actuator
certified plenum rated actuator.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
24 Vac Floating Control

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