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Siemens OpenAir GDE Series Technical Instructions page 11

Non-spring return rotary 24 vac floating control electric damper actuator
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OpenAir Non-Spring Return Rotary Electric Damper Actuator
24 Vac Floating Control
Wiring, Continued
Post Header AMP, Continued
Daisy Chain
You must select either
the top 3 contacts or
the bottom 3 contacts.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
The input cable (purchased separately) brings power and a control signal to the first
actuator in a daisy chain configuration.
Insert the plug into the Post Header AMP from the left to prevent
damage to the cable wires. See Figure 21.
1. The open bracket (See Figure 21), to the right of the
actuator, is used for strain relief of the customer purchased
daisy chain cable (See Required Tools).
2. Secure the cable to the actuator bracket with a cable tie as
shown in Figure 22.
Figure 21.
Always Install the Cable Plug from
the Left.
Table 3.
Floating Control Input Cables
3 ft
12 pk
3 ft Siemens TEC
12 pk
Cable Tie
Figure 22. Input Cable Installed in Bottom
Technical Instructions
Document No. 155-188P25
December 26, 2007
Input cable
from controller
sold separately
Three Contacts.
Page 11

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