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Mitsubishi Electric GT1020 Series Startup Manual page 4

Graphic operation terminal, fx connection
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* - Special Adapters require an additional FX**-CNV-BD or, for the FX3U only, a
Communication Expansion Board.
For all screw terminals on the GT1020/GT1030,
use a small flathead screwdriver to secure the wires
within the PLC Communication Connector
(recommended blade size and tightening torque:
0.4 x 2.5 mm and 0.22 to 0.25 N•m).
Programming Cables:
The GT1020 and GT1030 come pre-installed with an
OS and FX communication driver, but without any project
data. To download a project from a PC running GT Designer2
to the GOT, a programming cable is required that connects to
the RS-232C 6-pin Mini-DIN port on the back of the GOT. It
is recommended to use a shielded USB A-type to Mini-B type
cable with a ferrite core paired with the GT10-RS2TUSB-5S,
but any RS-232C programming cable for the Q-Series will
also work fine. A diagram of both is shown below.
QC30R2 (RS-232C)
Note: This document is for reference only. For detailed settings and safety information refer to the respective product manual.



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