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Drive Chain - Kawasaki KX250F 2017 Owner's Manual

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Drive Chain

For safety and to prevent excessive wear, the
drive chain must be checked, adjusted, and lubri-
cated before riding. If the chain becomes badly worn
or maladjusted - either too loose or too tight - it could
jump off the sprockets or break.
A chain that breaks or jumps off the sprock-
ets could snag on the engine sprocket or lock
the rear wheel, severely damaging the motor-
cycle and causing it to go out of control. In-
spect the chain for damage and proper
adjustment before each ride.
Chain Slack Inspection
Raise the rear wheel off the ground, then rotate
the rear wheel to find the place where the chain is
tightest (because it wears unevenly).
Push up the drive chain in the middle of the upper
chain run to measure the chain slack. The dis-
tance between the bottom-line of the chain and
the swingarm should be within the standard value.
Drive Chain Slack
52 ~ 58 mm (2.0 ~ 2.3 in.)
Adjust the drive chain if its slack is out of specifi-
A. Chain Slack
In addition to checking the slack, rotate the rear
wheel to inspect the drive chain for damaged roll-
ers, loose pins and links and the sprockets for un-
evenly or excessively worn and damaged teeth.
If there are any such defects, replace the drive
chain and/or the sprockets.
Chain Slack Adjustment
Loosen the rear axle nut and both chain adjuster
Turn both chain adjusting bolts evenly until the
drive chain slack (measured between the chain
and the swingarm) is within the standard value.
For the rear wheel to be properly aligned, the
notch of the left chain adjuster should align with
the same swingarm mark that the notch of the
right chain adjuster aligns with.


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