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Troubleshooting Guide - Kawasaki KX250F 2017 Owner's Manual

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This troubleshooting guide is not exhaustive and
does not give every possible cause for each prob-
lem listed. It is meant simply as a quick guide to
assist you in troubleshooting for some of the more
common difficulties.
Starting failure or difficulties -
Engine does not turn over:
Valve seized
Valve lifter seized
Cylinder or piston seized
Crankshaft seized
Connecting rod small end seized
Connecting rod big end seized
Camshaft seized
Transmission gear or bearing seized
Kick shaft return spring broken
Kick ratchet gear not engaging
Improper installation of vehicle-down sensor
Fuel does not flow:
No fuel in tank
Fuel tank cap air vent obstructed
Fuel line clogged
Break down of a fuel pump
Break down of upstream injector and/or down-
stream injector


Spark missing or weak:
Spark plug dirty, broken, or gap improperly ad-
Spark plug cap or high-tension wiring defective
Spark plug cap not contacting properly
Spark plug type incorrect
Crankshaft sensor defective
ECU defective
Ignition coil defective
Engine stop button wiring defective
Flywheel magneto damaged
Wiring shorted or interrupted
Fuel/air mixture incorrect:
Air cleaner element clogged, poorly sealed, or not
Compression low:
Spark plug loose
Cylinder head insufficiently tightened
Cylinder bolt loose
Cylinder or piston worn
No valve clearance
Crankshaft oil seal leak
Valve spring broken or weak
Valve not seating properly (valve bent, worn, or
carbon accumulation on the seating surface)
Piston ring worn, weak, broken, or sticking
Piston ring/groove clearance excessive
Cylinder head gasket damaged


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