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Washing Your Motorcycle - Kawasaki 1400GTR ABS 2014 Owner's Manual

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Be sure the engine and exhaust are
cool before washing.
Avoid applying degreaser to seals,
brake pads, and tires.
Avoid all harsh chemicals, solvents,
detergents, and household cleaning
products such as ammonia-based
window cleaners.
Gasoline, brake fluid, clutch fluid,
and coolant will damage the finish of
painted and plastic surfaces: wash
them off immediately.
Avoid wire brushes, steel wool, and
all other abrasive pads or brushes.
Use care when washing the wind-
shield, headlight lens, and other
plastic parts as they can easily be
Avoid using pressure washers; water
can penetrate seals and electrical
components and damage your mo-
Avoid spraying water in delicate
areas such as in air intakes, fuel sys-
tem, brake components, electrical
components, electrical socket, muf-
fler outlet, and fuel tank openings.

Washing Your Motorcycle

Rinse your motorcycle with cold
water from a garden hose to remove
any loose dirt.
Mix a mild neutral detergent (de-
signed for motorcycles or automo-
biles) and water in a bucket. Use a
soft cloth or sponge to wash your
motorcycle. If needed, use a mild de-
greaser to remove any oil or grease
build up.
After washing, rinse your motorcycle
thoroughly with clean water to re-
move any residue (residue from the
detergent can damage parts of your


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