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Braking - Kawasaki Ninja H2 2015 Owner's Manual

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Downshifting to a lower gear at
high speed causes engine rpm to
increase excessively, potentially
damaging the engine and it may
also cause the rear wheel to skid
and cause an accident. Down-
shifting should be done below 5
000 rpm for each gear.


Close the throttle completely, leaving
the clutch engaged (except when
shifting gears) so that the engine will
help slow down the motorcycle.
Shift down one gear at a time so that
you are in 1st gear when you come
to a complete stop.
When stopping, always apply both
brakes at the same time. Normally
the front brake should be applied a
little more than the rear. Shift down
or fully disengage the clutch as nec-
essary to keep the engine from stall-
Never lock the brakes, or it will cause
the tires to skid. When turning a cor-
ner, it is better not to brake at all. Re-
duce your speed before you get into
the corner.
For emergency braking, disregard
downshifting, and concentrate on ap-
plying the brakes as hard as possible
without skidding.
Even in motorcycles equipped with
ABS, braking during cornering may
cause wheel slip. When turning a
corner, it is better to limit braking to
the light application of both brakes or
not to brake at all. Reduce your
speed before you get into the corner.


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