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Sport-kawasaki Traction Control (s- Ktrc) - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2013 Owner's Manual

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Use only unleaded gasoline. Never
use leaded gasoline. Leaded gaso-
line significantly reduces the capabil-
ity of the catalytic converter.
Do not operate the vehicle with the
engine of any one cylinder misfiring.
Under these conditions unburned
air/fuel mixture flowing out of engine
excessively accelerates reaction in
the converter allowing the converter
to overheat and become damaged
when the engine is hot, or reduces
converter performance when the en-
gine is cold.
Sport-Kawasaki TRaction Con-
trol (S-KTRC)
S-KTRC is an intelligent system that
calculates the slip level of the rear
wheel (wheelspin) and is suitable for
sports riding conditions. S-KTRC is de-
signed to function on public roads.
Acceleration may be delayed under
certain circumstances depending on
road conditions. S-KTRC cannot re-
spond to every condition.
S-KTRC cannot protect the rider
from all possible hazards and is
not a substitute for safe riding
practices. All riders must be
aware of how the S-KTRC system
operates and its limitations. It is
still your responsibility to ride at
appropriate speeds and throttle
control for weather, road surface
and traffic conditions.


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