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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2013 Owner's Manual Page 201

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Empty the fuel system by running the engine at idle speed until the engine stalls
(If left in for a long time, the fuel will break down and could clog the fuel system).
Reduce tire pressure by about 20%.
Set the motorcycle on a box or stand so that both wheels are raised off the
ground. (If this cannot be done, put boards under the front and rear wheels to
keep dampness away from the tire rubber.)
Spray oil on all unpainted metal surfaces to prevent rusting. Avoid getting oil on
rubber parts or in the brakes.
Lubricate the drive chain and all the cables.
Remove the battery, and store it where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight,
moisture, or freezing temperature. During storage it should be given a slow
charge (one ampere or less) about once a month. Keep the battery well charged
especially during cold weather.
Tie plastic bags over the mufflers to prevent moisture from entering.
Put a cover over the motorcycle to keep dust and dirt from accumulating on it.
Preparation after Storage
Remove the plastic bags from the mufflers.
Install the battery in the motorcycle and charge the battery if necessary.
Fill the fuel tank with fuel.
Check all the points listed in the Daily Checks section.
Lubricate the pivots, bolts, and nuts.


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