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Fuel; Fuel Requirements - Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager Custom ABS 2010 Owner's Manual

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Fuel Requirements:

Your Kawasaki engine is designed to
use only unleaded gasoline with a min-
imum octane rating shown below.
Never use gasoline with an octane rat-
ing lower than the minimum specified
by Kawasaki to prevent severe engine
The octane rating of a gasoline is a
measure of its resistance to detonation
or "knocking". The term commonly
used to describe a gasoline's octane
rating is the Research Octane Number
Do not use leaded gasoline, as
this will destroy the catalytic con-
verter (For further information, re-
fer to the "Catalytic Converter"
section in the "How to Ride the
Motorcycle" chapter.).
If engine "knocking" or "pinging"
occurs, use a different brand of
gasoline of a higher octane rat-
ing. If this condition is allowed to
continue, it can lead to severe en-
gine damage. Gasoline quality is
important. Fuels of low quality or
not meeting standard industry
specifications may result in un-
satisfactory performance. Oper-
ating problems that result from
the use of poor quality or no rec-
ommended fuel may not be cov-
ered under your warranty.
Fuel Type and Octane Rating
Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline
and an octane rating equal to or higher
than that shown in the table.


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