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adjustments in accordance with the
Periodic Maintenance Chart.
Coolant -
Coolant absorbs excessive heat from
the engine and transfers it to the air at
the radiator. If the coolant level be-
comes low, the engine overheats and
may suffer severe damage. Check the
coolant level each day before riding
the motorcycle, also carry out the
maintenance and adjustments in ac-
cordance with the periodic mainte-
nance chart. Replenish coolant if the
level is low. Change the coolant in ac-
cordance with the Periodic Mainte-
nance Chart.
Information for Coolant
To protect the cooling system (con-
sisting of the aluminum engine and ra-
diator) from rust and corrosion, the use
of corrosion and rust inhibitor chemi-
cals in the coolant is essential. If
coolant containing corrosion and rust
inhibitor chemicals are not used, over
a period of time, the cooling system ac-
cumulates rust and scale in the water
jacket and radiator. This will clog up
the coolant passages, and consider-
ably reduce the efficiency of the cool-
ing system.
Coolant containing corrosion in-
hitors for alminum engines and
radiators include harmful chemi-
cals for human body.
Drinking coolant can result in
serious injury or death. Use cool-
ant in accordance with the in-
stractions of the manufacturer.
Soft or distilled water must be used
with the antifreeze (see below for anti-
freeze) in the cooling system.


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