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If an improperly coded key is used or
any incorrect communication between
ECU and key is occurred, the engine
does not start and warning indicator
light blinks.
A properly coded key must be used
and the communication should be
clear for the engine to start.
When the key is turned to "OFF", the
warning indicator light will start blink-
ing, which indicates that the immobil-
izer system is functioning. After 24
hours have passed, the warning indi-
cator light will stop blinking, however,
the immobilizer system is still function-
If all ignition keys are lost, registering
new ignition key codes is impossible
and the ECU must be replaced.
Warning indicator light blinking mode
can be set to either on or off. Push
and hold the MODE and RESET but-
tons simultaneously for more than
two seconds, within twenty seconds
after turning the ignition key to the
"OFF" position, then the warning in-
dicator light will not blink.
When the battery is connected,
warning indicator light is set to blink-
ing mode by default.
When the battery voltage is low (be-
low 12 V), warning indicator light au-
tomatically stops blinking to prevent
excessive battery discharge.
EC Directive Compliance
This immobilizer system complies
with the R & TTE (Radio equipment
equipment and the mutual recognition
of their conformity) Directive.


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