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: When the headlight is on high
beam, the high beam indicator light
goes on.
: When the turn signal switch is
pushed to the left or right, the turn sig-
nal indicator light blinks.
(For models equipped with ABS)
: The ABS (Anti-lock Brake Sys-
tem) indicator light goes on when the
ignition switch is turned on and goes
off shortly after the motorcycle starts
moving. If the ABS is normal, it stays
off. If something is wrong with the ABS,
the indicator comes on and remains lit.
When the indicator light is on, the ABS
does not function but if the ABS fails,
the conventional brake system will still
work normally.
For more detailed information about
ABS, see the Anti-lock Brake System
(ABS) section in the How to Ride the
Motorcycle chapter.
Warning Indicator Light : This warn-
ing indicator light in the meter instru-
ment has the four warning functions:
oil pressure warning, fuel injection sys-
tem warning, immobilizer system warn-
ing and coolant temperature warning.
This warning indicator light blinks with
each warning symbols: engine oil pres-
sure warning symbol (
izer warning symbol (
temperature warning symbol (
injection warning symbol (
warning indicator light blinks with the
checked by an authorized Kawasaki
dealer. Refer to the "Warning Symbols"
in this section for more detailed infor-
Warning Symbols -
: The warning indicator light in the
meter instrument and the oil pressure
warning symbol (
meter blink whenever the oil pressure
). If the
) in the digital


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