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Kawasaki Z1000SX 2012 Owner's Manual Page 157

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If the boot is damaged, replace it
with a new one. If the boot is not
positioned in the groove correctly, re-
place it in the correct position.
A. Wrongly set lip not in the correct position
B. Lip set correctly in the groove
Washing Your Motorcycle
Rinse your bike with cold water from
a garden hose to remove any loose
Mix a mild neutral detergent (de-
signed for motorcycles or automo-
biles) and water in a bucket. Use a
soft cloth or sponge to wash your
motorcycle. If needed, use a mild de-
greaser to remove any oil or grease
which build up.
After washing, rinse your motorcycle
thoroughly with clean water to re-
move any residue (residue from the
detergent can damage parts of your
Use a soft cloth to dry your motor-
cycle. As you dry, inspect your mo-
torcycle for chips and scratches. Do
not let the water air dry as this can
damage the painted surfaces.
Start the engine and let it idle for sev-
eral minutes. The heat from the en-
gine will help dry moist areas.
Carefully ride your motorcycle at a
slow speed and apply the brakes
several times. This helps the brakes


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