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Lossnay Operating Environment - Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay series Technical Manual

For north america.
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System Design Recommendations
1. Lossnay Unit Operating Environment
Main Unit Installation Conditions
Commercial use
Pay special attention to extreme operating conditions.
1.1 Cold Weather Area Intermittent Operation
When the OA temperature falls below 14°F (-10°C) during operation, the SA-fan will change to intermittent operation. OFF for
10 minutes, ON for 60 minutes.
1.2 In Cold Climates with Outdoor Temperature of 23°F (–5°C) or Less
Plot the Lossnay intake air conditions A and B on a psychrometric
chart (see right). If the high temperature side air B intersects the
saturation curve such as at C, moisture condensation or frost
will build on Lossnay. In this case, the low temperature side air A
should be warmed up to the temperature indicated by Point A' so
that Point C shifts to the Point C' .
1.3 In High Humidity Conditions with Relative Humidity of 80% or More
When using the system in high humidity conditions such as heated indoor pools, bathrooms, mushroom cultivation houses,
high-fog areas etc., moisture will condense inside the Core, and drainage will occur. Lossnay units should not be used in these
types of applications.
1.4 Other Special Conditions
Lossnay units cannot be installed in locations where toxic gases and corrosive elements such as acids,
alkalis, organic solvents, oil mist or paints exist.
Cannot be installed where heat is recovered from odiferous air and supplied to another area.
Avoid installing in a location where unit could be damaged by salt or hot water.
14°F to 104°F
-10°C to 40°C
RH80% or less
OA ( Outdoor Air ) conditions
5°F to 104°F
-15°C to 40°C
RH80% or less
Dry bulb temperature (°F,°C)
RA ( Return Air ) conditions
14°F to 104°F
-10°C to 40°C
RH80% or less


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