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Usage - Toshiba TB6605FTG Reference Manual

Mcd evaluation board for pump motor control
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MCD Evaluation Board for Pump Motor Control Reference Guide

6. Usage

This chapter describes the quick start procedure or the product. Perform steps (1) to (9) in
that order.
The product includes a 42BLF BLDC motor manufactured by ACT motor.
Motors must be hall sensor BLDC type for normal working.
Quick start procedure
Check the R/M exterior
Connect the motor to the board
Connect the stabilized power supply
Check the R/M control switch, Start set to "H"
Supply power, and check Power LED "lighting"
Switch: Start, set to "L", change variable resistor and enable motor rotation
Confirm changes variable resistor, the motor rotation speed change
Stop motor rotation, and finished the operation check
If an Error Occurs
1, Power supply LED no "lighting", check power supply cable and voltage.
2, Motor no rotation, check motor connection, Control switch set.
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