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Operation - Husqvarna 120 Operator's Manual

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WARNING: Read and understand the safety
chapter before you use the product.
To do a function check before you use
the product
1. Make sure that the chain brake operates correctly
and that it is not damaged.
2. Make sure that the right hand guard is not damaged.
3. Make sure that the throttle lockout operates correctly
and that it is not damaged.
4. Make sure that the start/stop switch operates
correctly and that it is not damaged.
5. Make sure that there is no oil on the handles.
6. Make sure that the vibration damping system
operates correctly and that it is not damaged.
7. Make sure that the muffler is correctly attached and
that it is not damaged.
8. Make sure that all parts of the product are correctly
attached and not damaged or missing.
9. Make sure that the chain catcher is correctly
10. Do a check of the saw chain tension. (Fig. 34)
This product has a two-stroke engine.
CAUTION: Incorrect type of fuel can result in
engine damage. Use a mixture of gasoline
and two-stroke oil.
Premixed fuel
Use Husqvarna premixed alkylate fuel of a good
quality, for best performance and extension of the
engine life. This fuel contains less harmful chemicals
compared to regular fuel, which decreases harmful
exhaust fumes. The quantity of remains after
combustion is lower with this fuel, which keeps the
components of the engine more clean.
To mix fuel
Use good quality unleaded gasoline with a maximum
of 10% ethanol contents.
CAUTION: Do not use gasoline with an
octane grade less than 90 RON/87 AKI.
Use of a lower octane grade can cause
1063 - 002 - 06.03.2019


We recommend that you use gasoline of a higher
octane grade for work with continuously high rpm.
Two-stroke oil
For best results and performance use Husqvarna
two-stroke oil.
If Husqvarna two-stroke oil is not available, use a
two-stroke oil of good quality for air-cooled engines.
Speak to your servicing dealer to select the correct
To mix gasoline and two-stroke oil
Gasoline, liter
CAUTION: Small errors can influence the
ratio of the mixture drastically when you mix
small quantities of fuel. Measure the quantity
of oil carefully and make sure that you get
the correct mixture.
(Fig. 35)
1. Fill half the quantity of gasoline in a clean container
for fuel.
2. Add the full quantity of oil.
3. Shake the fuel mixture.
4. Add the remaining quantity of gasoline to the
5. Carefully shake the fuel mixture.
CAUTION: Do not mix fuel for more than 1
month at a time.
To fill the fuel tank
1. Clean the area around the fuel tank cap. (Fig. 36)
engine knocking, which causes engine
CAUTION: Do not use two-stroke oil for
water-cooled outboard engines, also
referred to as outboard oil. Do not use oil
for four-stroke engines.
Two-stroke oil,
2% (50:1)


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