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Assembly - Husqvarna 120 Operator's Manual

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your body that has come in contact with fuel. Use
soap and water.
If the product leaks fuel. Regularly do a check for
leaks from the fuel tank, fuel cap and fuel lines.
Safety instructions for maintenance
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you do maintenance on
the product.
Do only the maintenance and servicing given in this
operator's manual. Let professional servicing
personnel do all other servicing and repairs.
Regularly do the safety checks, maintenance and
service instructions given in this manual. Regular
maintenance increases the life of the product and
decreases the risk of accidents. Refer to
Maintenance on page 18 for instructions.
If the safety checks in this operator's manual is not
approved after you do maintenance, speak to your
servicing dealer. We guarantee that there are
professional repairs and servicing available for your
Safety instructions for the cutting
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
WARNING: Read and understand the safety
chapter before you assemble the product.
To assemble the guide bar and saw
1. Move the front hand guard rearward to disengage
the chain brake.
2. Remove the bar nuts and the clutch cover. (Fig. 32)
Note: If the clutch cover is not easy to remove,
tighten the bar nut, engage the chain brake and
release. A click is heard if it is released correctly.
3. Assemble the guide bar onto the bar bolts. Move the
guide bar to its most rear position.
Only use the guide bar/saw chain combinations and
filing equipment that we recommend. Refer to
Accessories on page 27 for instructions.
Use protective gloves when you use or do
maintenance on the saw chain. A saw chain that
does not move can also cause injuries.
Keep the cutting teeth correctly sharpened. Obey the
instructions and use the recommended file gauge. A
saw chain that is damaged or incorrectly sharpened
increases the risk of accidents.
(Fig. 28)
Keep the correct depth gauge setting. Obey the
instructions and use the recommended depth gauge
setting. Too large depth gauge setting increases the
risk of kickback.
(Fig. 29)
Make sure that the saw chain has the correct
tension. If the saw chain is not tight against the guide
bar, the saw chain can derail. An incorrect saw chain
tension increases wear on the guide bar, saw chain
and chain drive sprocket. Refer to
tension of the saw chain on page 23 .
(Fig. 30)
Do maintenance on the cutting equipment regularly
and keep it correctly lubricated. If the saw chain is
not correctly lubricated, the risk of wear on the guide
bar, saw chain and chain drive sprocket increases.
(Fig. 31)


4. Install the saw chain correctly around the drive
sprocket and put it in the groove on the guide bar.
5. Make sure that the edges of the cutters point forward
on the top edge of the guide bar. (Fig. 33)
6. Align the hole in the guide bar with the chain adjuster
pin and install the clutch cover.
7. Tighten the bar nuts finger tight.
8. Tighten the saw chain. Refer to
of the saw chain on page 23 for instructions.
9. Tighten the bars nut.
To adjust the
WARNING: Always use protective
gloves when you assemble the saw
To adjust the tension
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