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Husqvarna 120 Operator's Manual page 11

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Chain brake and front hand guard
Your product has a chain brake that stops the saw chain
if you get a kickback. The chain brake decreases the
risk of accidents, but only you can prevent them.
The chain brake engages (A) manually by your left hand
or automatically by the inertia release mechanism. Push
the front hand guard (B) forward to engage the chain
brake manually.
(Fig. 21)
Pull the front hand guard rearward to disengage the
chain brake.
(Fig. 22)
Throttle trigger lockout
The throttle trigger lockout prevents accidental operation
of the throttle trigger. If you put your hand around the
handle and press the throttle trigger lockout (A), it
releases the throttle trigger (B). If you release the
handle, the throttle trigger and the throttle trigger lockout
move back to their initial positions. This function locks
the throttle trigger at idle speed.
(Fig. 23)
Chain catcher
The chain catcher catches the saw chain if it breaks or
derails. Correct saw chain tension and correctly applied
maintenance on the saw chain and guide bar, decrease
the risk of accidents.
(Fig. 24)
Right hand guard
The right hand guard is a protection for your hand on the
rear handle. The right hand guard gives you protection if
the saw chain breaks or derails. The right hand guard
also gives you protection from branches or twigs.
(Fig. 25)
Vibration damping system
The vibration damping system decreases vibration in the
handles. Vibration damping units operate as a
separation between the product body and the handle
Product overview on page 8 for information
Refer to
about where the vibration damping system is on your
Start/stop switch
Use the start/stop switch to stop the engine.
(Fig. 26)
1063 - 002 - 06.03.2019
WARNING: The muffler becomes very hot
during/after operation and at idle speed.
There is a risk of fire, especially when you
operate the product near flammable
materials and/or fumes.
WARNING: Do not operate a product
without a muffler or with a defective muffler.
A defective muffler can increase the noise
level and the risk of fire. Keep fire
extinguishing tools near. Do not use a
product without, or with a broken, spark
arrestor mesh if you must have a spark
arrestor mesh in your area.
The muffler keeps the noise levels to a minimum and
points the exhaust fumes away from the operator. In
areas with a hot, dry weather there is a high risk of fire.
Obey local regulations and maintenance instructions.
Fuel safety
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
Make sure there is plenty of ventilation when
refuelling or mixing fuel (petrol and two-stroke oil).
Fuel and fuel vapour are highly flammable and can
cause serious injury when inhaled or allowed to
come in contact with the skin. For this reason
observe caution when handling fuel and make sure
there is adequate ventilation.
Take care when handling fuel and chain oil. Be
aware of the risks of fire, explosion and those
associated with inhalation.
Do not smoke and do not place any hot objects in
the vicinity of fuel.
Always stop the engine and let it cool for a few
minutes before refuelling.
When refuelling, open the fuel cap slowly so that any
excess pressure is released gently.
Tighten the fuel cap carefully after refuelling.
Never refuel the machine while the engine is
Always move the product at least 3 m (10 ft) away
from the refuelling area and fuel source before
(Fig. 27)
After refuelling, there are some situations where you
must never start the product:
If you have spilled fuel or chain oil on the product.
Wipe off the spillage and allow remaining fuel to
If you have spilled fuel on yourself or on your
clothes. Change your clothes and wash any part of


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