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Control Panel Operation; Operation Instructions; Standby Condition; Alarm Conditions - Siemens FC901-U3 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Fire alarm control panel
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Standby Condition

In normal standby operation, the green AC POWER ON LED should be illuminated and no
other indicator operating. The display will show the system label and the current time.

Alarm Conditions

When the system detects an alarm condition, the alarm LED activates (ON – flashing) and the
local panel buzzer activates in a specific pattern to indicate an alarm condition. Programmed
system outputs, including audible and visual notification appliances, relays activate, and the
LCD display indicates the zone or point initiating the alarm.
Upon receipt of an alarm, building occupants should proceed in accordance with the
established emergency response plan. System responders should assure that all personnel
are accounted for, and notify the Fire Department.
Operating the ACKNOWLEDGE button will silence the local panel buzzer and change the LED
alarm indicator from flashing to steady. The LCD display will indicate that the active events
have been acknowledged.
To silence the audible and/or visual notification appliances (where permitted by the codes and
control panel programming), press ALARM SILENCE. The notification appliances will be de-
activated, and the alarm silence LED will be off.
POSITIVE Alarm Sequence (PAS)
Activation of an initiating device in an input group programmed for PAS activates the Alarm
LED, LCD display, and the local panel buzzer. System and user-programmed outputs do not
activate immediately.
Operation of the ACKNOWLEDGE button within 15 seconds of the activation of the initiating
devices will delay activation of system and user-programmed outputs between 60 and 180
seconds(selected during system configuration) for the purpose of investigating the alarm. If the
ACKNOWLEDGE button is not operated within 15 seconds, the system and user-programmed
outputs activate at the expiration of the 15 second delay.
If the initiating device and the panel are reset before the programmed delay expires, the alarm
sequence is aborted.
During the investigation period, an alarm condition on a detector programmed for direct alarm
response (such as the key switch on a manual station) will override the programmed delay and
activate the additional user-programmed outputs immediately. User can configure Manned
status of FACP to enable/disable PAS feature. FACP will not perform PAS feature in
Unmanned status. After logged in as L2/L3 user, user can select Unmanned item in operate
menu to enter Unmanned status and bypass all on-going PAS alarms.

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Table of Contents

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