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Manual Lighting; Operation Tips & Hazards - Kenmore 153.14076810 Use & Care Manual

Wood pellet smoker grill
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Manual Lighting

If only the Heating Rod is not operating, the Grill
can still be used to cook and smoke using the
following manual lighting procedure.
1. Turn the Power Switch OFF (O) and
disconnect the Power Cord. Allow the Grill
to thoroughly cool if it is hot.
2. Raise the Grill Barrel Lid and remove the
Warming Rack, Cooking Grate, Grease
Drain Pan and Heat Baffle from inside the
Grill Barrel.
3. Remove any unburned pellets and ash
from inside and around the Firepot. See
instructions for proper handling and
disposal of ash in Maintenance section of
this Use & Care Guide.
4. Plug the Power Cord back into an
appropriate, grounded electrical outlet.
5. Fill the Pellet Hopper with wood pellets.
6. WARNING! Use only wood pellets of .25" or
less diameter and not longer than 1". Never
use heating fuel pellets in the Grill.
7. Pour 1/2 cup of wood pellets into the Firepot.
8. Squirt 2 tablespoons of Alcohol Gel fire
lighter into the Firepot on top of the pellets.
DANGER! Never use gasoline, gasoline-
type lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter
fluid or similar liquids to start or freshen up
a fire in this Grill. Keep all such liquids well
away from the Grill when in use.
9. Carefully light the Alcohol Gel with a
fireplace match or a long-reach butane
DANGER! Never squirt Alcohol Gel into
a burning fire or a hot Firepot. The
Alcohol Gel bottle could explode and
cause a fire, serious injury or death.
10. Let the Alcohol Gel and Pellets burn for
approximately 4 minutes.
11. After assuring the Pellets have ignited,
CAREFULLY install the Heat Baffle, Grease
Drain Pan and Grills back in place.
WARNING! You will now have a fire in
the Firepot. Wear protective gloves and
be careful not to burn yourself when
you install these components.
12. Turn the Power Switch ON (l) and the Control
Dial to any desired temperature setting. Allow
the Grill to pre-heat for approximately 10
minutes with the Grill Barrel Lid closed before
placing food on the cooking grate.
Control Shut Down Cycle
The controls for this Smoker Grill feature an
automatic shut down cycle. When finished
cooking set the Control Dial to the Shut Down
Cycle position, which will leave the Fan running
for ten minutes so that most of the remaining
pellets in the Firepot will finish burning.
Control Safety Features
The controls come equipped with 2 heat level
safety features. The first of these is a low
temperature code display. If the grill stays
below 125⁰F for a period of 10 minutes the
control display will read LEr and all power will
shut off to the internal components of the grill.
The display will stay in this state until you turn
off the main power switch.
The second feature is a high temperature
code display. If the grill reaches an internal
temperature reading of 550⁰F the control
display will read HEr and all power will shut off
to the internal components of the grill. The
display will stay in this state until you turn off
the main power switch.
If either of the above conditions occur, unplug
the grill and check to see if you can determine
the cause before starting it again. See Pellet
Ignition Check section in this Use & Care Guide.
Operating Tips & Hazards
1. The Smoke setting on the Control Dial is for
smoking and adding smoke flavor to foods
being cooked. The Smoke setting can also be
used to "hold" foods at approximately 160⁰
to 180⁰ F.
2. WARNING! Never move the Pellet Grill while
it is hot. If you are transporting your Grill in a
vehicle after cooking on it, make sure the fire
is completely out and the Grill is cold before
placing it in any vehicle.
3. Never put water into the Firepot. It will jam
the Auger.
4. The Pellet Grill is designed to operate with
the Grill Barrel Lid closed. Cooking with
the Grill Barrel Lid open greatly lengthens
your cooking time.
5. DANGER! Never add pellets by hand to a


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