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Standard Operation - Kenmore 153.14076810 Use & Care Manual

Wood pellet smoker grill
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Standard Operation

 When operating this Grill, maintain a minimum
clearance of 36 inches from all sides of grill to
any wall or surface, and a minimum
clearance of 40 inches from top of grill
to overhead surfaces.
 Only plug this Grill into a receptacle with GFCI
(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection.
1. Make sure the Power Switch is in the OFF
(O) position. Plug the Power Cord into an
appropriate, grounded electrical outlet.
2. Open the Pellet Hopper Lid and locate the
Auger. Make sure there are no non-pellet
objects or debris in the Auger.
3. Fill the Pellet Hopper with wood pellets.
Close Hopper lid.
WARNING! Use only wood pellets of .25"
or less diameter and not longer than 1".
Never use heating fuel pellets in the Grill.
4. Turn the Power Switch ON (l). With the
Grill Barrel Lid open set the Control Dial to
Smoke. In approximately 2 minutes you will
notice whitish-gray smoke coming out of the
Grill as the Pellets ignite.
Note: During the initial charging of the
Auger, it will take time for the Pellets to
travel from the Pellet Hopper to the Firepot.
5. After assuring the Pellets have ignited, close
the Grill Barrel Lid and set the Control Dial to
any cooking temperature desired.
NOTICE: If you do not see smoke coming out
of the Grill after 2 minutes, perform the Pellet
Ignition Check procedure to assure that
proper ignition has occurred.
Note: Higher temperature settings will cook
food faster or more satisfactorily to minimum
required or higher internal temperatures. See
USDA Safe Internal Temperatures table in
Temperature Probes section.
6. Allow the Grill to pre-heat for approximately
10 minutes with the Grill Barrel Lid closed
before placing food on the cooking grate.
IMPORTANT: You must season the smoker grill
before cooking the food in it for the first time. To
season, perform the procedure above, except that
after pellets have ignited, run the unit for 45 minutes
at High setting with the Grill Barrel Lid closed. You
may notice an odor, but it will fade and not be
present in subsequent grill uses.
REMEMBER: Always start the grill on Smoke setting
with the Grill Barrel Lid Open! Once the Pellets are
ignited, close Door and set Control Dial to any
cooking temperature desired.
Temperature Probes
The Smoker Grill comes with two probes for
cooking foods to precise temperatures.
1. Insert probe plug into Probe receptacle in
Control Panel.
2. Feed probe and probe wire through hole in
side of Grill Barrel.
3. Insert probe into food.
4. As cooking progresses, food temperature will
appear in control panel display.
5. If using both probes, press the Probe Selector
button to toggle back and forth in the display
between the temperatures registered by each.
WARNING! To ensure that it is safe to eat, food
must be cooked to the minimum temperatures
listed in the table below.
USDA* Recommended Safe
Minimum Internal Temperatures
Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork – Whole Cuts**
Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork – Ground
Egg Dishes
Turkey, Chicken, Duck – Whole, Pieces, Ground
* United States Department of Agriculture
** Allow meat to rest 3 minutes before carving or
Pellet Cleanout Door
The Hopper is equipped on the back with a
Pellet Cleanout Door to clear the hopper of
unused pellets so as to replace with fresh pellets
or pellets of a different smoking flavor.
1. Place a bucket or bowl below cleanout
door to capture falling pellets.
2. Turn cleanout door thumbscrew
counterclockwise to unlock door.
3. Raise door all the way up. Pellets will fall
through cleanout chute.
4. Once pellets have dispensed through chute,
lower the door all the way down. Turn
thumbscrew clockwise to lock door.


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