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Initial Firing Procedure - Kenmore 153.14076810 Use & Care Manual

Wood pellet smoker grill
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Initial Firing Procedure

IMPORTANT! To ensure proper functioning,
perform the following procedure the first time
the Grill is used or if it runs out of pellets during
operation, or if the Grill is empty of pellets since
the last time it was used.
1. WARNING! Before performing this step, make
sure that the Power Switch is OFF (O) and that
the Grill is completely cooled from any
previous use.
Open the Grill Barrel Lid. Remove the
Warming Rack, Cooking Grate, Grease
Drain Pan and Heat Baffle from inside the
Grill Barrel.
2. Turn the Power Switch ON (l) and the Control
Dial to Smoke.
3. Look into the Pellet Hopper to confirm that the
Auger is turning. At the same time, place your
fingers over the Firepot to feel air movement
from the Fan. After several minutes you should
feel the air movement increasing in warmth,
and see the temperature readout increase a
few digits on the Control Panel display.
WARNING! Never place your fingers into the
Firepot, and do not touch any of the metal
surfaces in the Firepot or Auger Housing
area. They may be hot enough to burn you!
4. If the Auger is turning, the Fan is moving
air, the air becomes warmer and the
temperature readout increases, turn the
Control Dial to Shut Down Cycle.
5. If the air movement does not become
warmer and there is no increase in the
temperature readout, the Heating Rod is
malfunctioning. However, if the Auger
and Fan are working, the Grill can still be
used. Proceed to the Manual Lighting
instructions in this Use & Care Guide.
Otherwise, proceed as follows.
6. Fill the Pellet Hopper with wood pellets.
WARNING! Use only wood pellets of .25"
or less diameter and not longer than 1".
Never use heating fuel pellets in the Grill.
7. Turn the Control Dial to High. Note:
During the initial charging of the Auger,
it will take time for the Pellets to travel
from the Pellet Hopper to the Firepot.
8. When the Pellets begin to fall into the
Firepot, turn the Control Dial to Smoke. Let
the Pellets come to full flame. Once you see
flames come out of the Firepot, turn the
Control Dial to Shut Down Cycle, and let the
Grill cool down.
9. After grill is fully cooled, position the Heat
Baffle, Grease Drain Pan, Cooking Grate and
Warming Rack into their proper locations.
WARNING! If at any time the Grill fails to light,
or the fire in the Firepot goes out while cooking
or smoking when sufficient pellets are still in the
Pellet Hopper, turn the Control Dial to Shut Down
Cycle and let the Grill completely cool down.
Then perform the Initial Firing Procedure. Failure
to do so may cause a hazardous over-firing of
your grill due to an excess of unburned pellets in
the Firepot.


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