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Safety - Philips CD450 User Manual

1.8/1.9gh z dect telephone digital answering machine low caller id hands-free
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This product is not designed for making emergency telephone calls when the
power fails. Alternative arrangements should be made for access to emergency
Power requirements
This product requires an electrical supply of 100-240 volts, single-phase
alternating current, excluding IT installations defined in standard EN 60950.
CAUTION: The electrical network is classified as dangerous according to criteria
in the standard EN 60950. The only way to power down this product is by
unplugging the power supply from the electrical outlet. Ensure the electrical
outlet is located close to the apparatus and is always easily accessible.
CAUTION: Use only the mains adapter supplied with this equipment. Incorrect
adapter polarity or voltage can seriously damage the unit.
Handset Charger Adapter
Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Output: 7.5VDC 200mA
Battery requirements
The handset requires a power source of two rechargeable NiMH batteries, size
AAA 1.2V 750mAh (HR10/44).
Never use non-rechargeable batteries. Use the recommended type supplied
with this product. NiMH batteries must be disposed of in accordance with the
applicable waste disposal regulations.
Base Unit Adapter
Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Output: 7.5VDC 500mA
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Telephone connections
The voltage on the network is classified as TNV-3 (Telecommunication Network
Voltages, as defined in the standard EN 60950). Following a power cut, the call in
progress as well as the date and time settings is lost.
Hearing aid
Please note that this telephone works by sending radio signals between the base
unit and the handset. These signals may interfere with some hearing aids,
causing a humming noise.
Safety precautions
• Do not allow the handset to come into contact with liquids or moisture.
• Do not open the handset, base unit or charger. This could expose you to high
• Do not allow the charging contacts or the battery to come into contact with
conductive materials.
• There is a slight chance that your product could be damaged by an electrical
storm. We recommend that you unplug the product from the power supply and
telephone socket during a storm.
• Do not use the handset in an explosive hazard area such as where there is
gas leaking.
• It is recommended that this product is not used near intensive care medical
equipment or by persons with pacemakers.
• This product can interfere with electrical equipment such as answering
machines, television, radio, and computers if placed too close. We
recommend that you position the base unit at least one meter from such
marking certifies compliance with technical regulations in accordance
with Directive 1999/5/EC for the safety of the user, electromagnetic perturbations
and for radio spectrum.
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