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Induction wok
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Tips for cooking with the
The induction wok is eminently suitable
for preparing "á la minute" dishes, in
particular Chinese specialities. The food
is continuously turned during the short
frying time. The induction heating sys-
tem means that in the wok you can cook
extremely quickly and at high heat. As a
result meat and fish remain succulent
and vegetables retain colour, taste and
Take care! Risks of burns from over-
heated fats and oils.
The induction wok has – especially
at heat setting 7 and above – a high
power with extremely fast reaction
time. Fat and oil overheat very
quickly. When it starts to smoke, it is
too hot.
When cooking with fat or oil do not
leave the appliance unattended.
The frying temperature can be esti-
mated by testing with a wooden
spoon. Hold the handle of a wooden
spoon in the hot fat:
– If small bubbles rise to the surface,
the frying temperature has been
– If there are no bubbles, the frying
temperature has not yet been
tips for cooking with the wok electrolux 15



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