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Store A Phone Number; Call A Stored Number - Motorola Verizon MOTO Q 9m User Manual

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• If you are on a call and another call
comes in, you can send the new call to
voicemail by pressing the right soft key
(+) (Ignore) or answer the new call and
put the current call on hold by pressing
the Send key (N). Press either the
Send key (N) or the left soft key (-)
(Swap) to switch between the two calls.

store a phone number

You can store a phone number in Contacts:
1 Enter a phone number in the home screen
and press the left soft key (-) (Save).
2 Select <New Contact> by pressing the
center select key (s).
3 Enter a name and other details for the
phone number and press the left soft key
(-) (Save) to store the number.
Tip: While entering the number, you can tell
your phone to pause and then dial more digits
(for example, for a voicemail password or
PIN). Press press the right soft key (+)
(Menu) and scroll to Insert Pause to insert a
2-second pause (shows as a p) or scroll to
Insert Wait to tell your phone to prompt you
before dialing the remaining digits (shows as
a w).
Tip: If you get a call from someone who isn't
in your contacts, you can add them to your
contacts from Call History by pressing the left
soft key (-) (Save).

call a stored number

1 From the home screen, press the right
soft key (+) (Contacts) to open Contacts.
2 Scroll to the number and press the center
select key (s).



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