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Technical Data; Installation; Water Connection - Electrolux GA60GXI202 User Manual

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92 electrolux

Technical data

Electrical connection - Voltage -
Overall power - Fuse
Water supply pressure


Warning! Any electrical and/or
plumbing work required to install
this appliance should be carried out
by a qualified electrician and/or
plumber or competent person.
Remove all packaging before positioning the
If possible, position the machine next to a
water tap and a drain.
This dishwasher is designed to be fitted un-
der a kitchen counter or work surface.
Attention! Carefully follow the instructions
on the enclosed template for building in the
dishwasher and fitting the furniture panel.
No further openings for the venting of the
dishwasher are required, but only to let the
water fill and drain hose and power supply
cable pass through.
The dishwasher incorporates adjustable feet
to allow the adjustment of the height.
During all operations that involve accessibility
to internal components the dishwasher has
to be unplugged.

Water connection

Water inlet connection
This appliance can be connected to either a
hot (max. 60°) or cold water supply.
With a hot water supply you can have a sig-
nificant reduction of energy consumption.
This however, depends on how the hot water
is produced. (We suggest alternative sources
of energy that are more environmentally
friendly as e.g. solar or photovoltaic panels
and aeolian).
For making the connection itself, the cou-
pling nut fitted to the appliance water inlet
hose is designed to screw onto a 3/4" thread
Information on the electrical connection is given on the rating plate
on the inner edge of the dishwasher door.
When inserting the machine, ensure that the
water inlet hose, the drain hose and the sup-
ply cable are not kinked or squashed.
Fixing to the adjacent units
The dishwasher must be secured against tilt-
Therefore make sure that the counter it is
fixed under, is suitably secured to a fixed
structure (adjacent kitchen unit cabinets,
Good levelling is essential for correct closure
and sealing of the door.
When the appliance is correctly levelled, the
door will not catch on either side of the cab-
inet .
If the door does not close correctly, loosen
or tighten the adjustable feet until the ma-
chine is perfectly level.
spout or to a purpose made quick-coupling
tap such as the Press-block.
The water pressure must be within the limits
given in the 'Technical data'. Your local Wa-
ter Authority will advise you on the average
mains pressure in your area.
The water inlet hose must not be kinked,
crushed, or entangled when it is being con-
The locknut must be correctly fitted to avoid
water leaks.
If the appliance is connected to new pipes or
pipes which have not been used for a long
59,6 cm
85,8 - 93,8 cm
57,5 cm
0,05 MPa (0,5 bar)
0,8 MPa (8 bar)
12 place settings


Table of Contents

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