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Select And Start A Washing Programme - Electrolux GA60GXI202 User Manual

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86 electrolux
If the drying results are not satisfac-
tory we suggest that you:
1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser with
rinse aid.
2. Activate the rinse aid dispenser.
3. Set the rinse aid dosage to position
• The activation/deactivation of the
rinse aid is only possible with the Mul-
titab function active.
Activation/deactivation of the rinse aid
1. Press the On/Off button. The dishwasher
must be in setting mode.
2. Simultaneously press and hold function
buttons B and C , until the lights of func-
tion buttons A , B , and C start flashing.
3. Press function button B , the lights of
function buttons A and C go off while the
light of function button B continues to
flash. The digital display indicates the cur-
rent setting.
Rinse aid dispenser deactivated

Select and start a washing programme

Select the washing programme and
delay start with the door slightly
opened. The start of the programme
or the countdown of the delay start
will occur only after the closure of
the door. Until then it is possible to
modify the settings
1. Check that the baskets have been loaded
correctly and that the spray arms are free
to rotate.
2. Check that the water tap is opened.
3. Press the On/Off button. The dishwasher
must be in setting mode.
4. Press the button selection button to se-
lect the required programme.
The programme number appears in the
digital display (P1 - P2 - P3 etc...) Refer
to 'Washing programmes' chart.
The indicator light of the programme se-
lection button starts flashing.
5. If options are to set, refer to the 'Washing
programmes' chart to be sure that they
can be set with the selected washing pro-
6. Close the dishwasher door, the pro-
gramme starts automatically.
Rinse aid dispenser activated
4. To change the setting, press button B
again, the digital display indicates the
new setting.
5. To memorize the operation, switch off the
dishwasher by pressing the On/Off but-
If you decide to revert back to the
use of individual detergents we ad-
vise that you:
1. Deactivate the Multitab function.
2. Fill up the salt container and the rinse
aid dispenser again.
3. Adjust the water hardness setting to
the highest setting and perform 1
normal washing programme without
loading any dishes.
4. Adjust the water hardness setting
according to the hardness of the wa-
ter in your area.
5. Adjust the rinse aid dosage.
The phase indicator lights will go off, ex-
cept for the phase under way.
The digital display shows the running time
of the programme.
The indicator light of the programme se-
lection button remains on with a fixed
Setting and starting the programme with
delay start
1. Once selected the washing programme
and options, press the delay start button
until the number of hours for the delay
start appear in the digital display. The
start of the selected washing programme
can be delayed for between 1 and 19
2. Close the dishwasher door, the count-
down starts automatically.
3. The countdown will decrease with steps
of 1 hour.
4. The opening of the door will interrupt the
countdown. Close the door; the count-
down will continue from the point at
which it was interrupted.
5. Once the delay start has elapsed the pro-
gramme will start automatically.


Table of Contents

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