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Select And Start A Washing Programme - Electrolux ESF 45030 User Manual

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Table of Contents
3. Turn the programme knob counterclock-
wise until the programme marker agrees
with the second washing programme on
the control panel.
4. The digital display shows the current set-
ting for the rinse aid dispenser.
5. Press the start/cancel button to change
the setting. The digital display shows the
new setting.

Select and start a washing programme

Do these steps to set and start a washing
1. Close the door.
2. Turn the programme knob to set the
washing programme. Refer to the chap-
ter 'Washing programmes'.
– The phase indicator light or lights for
the washing programme come on.
– The programme duration in the digital
display flashes.
3. Press the start/cancel button.
– The washing programme starts auto-
– When the programme starts, only the
indicator light of the phase in progress
stays on. Programme duration is on
with a static light.
When the washing programme oper-
ates, you cannot change the pro-
gramme. Cancel the washing pro-
Warning! Only interrupt or cancel a
washing programme if necessary.
Caution! Open the door carefully. Hot
steam can come free.
Interrupting a washing programme
Open the door.
• The programme stops.
Close the door.
• The programme continues from the point
of interruption.
Cancelling a washing programme
• Press and hold the start/cancel button.
Rinse aid dispenser de-
Rinse aid dispenser ac-
6. Turn the programme knob to the off po-
sition to save the operation.
To use normal detergent again:
1. Deactivate the multitab function.
2. Fill the salt container and rinse aid
3. Adjust the water hardness setting to
the highest level.
4. Do a washing programme without
5. Adjust the water softener to the wa-
ter hardness in your area.
6. Adjust the rinse aid dosage.
– In the digital display the time duration of
the programme flashes.
– One or more phase indicator lights are
The washing programme is cancelled.
At this time you can do these steps:
1. Switch off the appliance.
2. Set a new washing programme.
Fill the detergent dispenser with detergent
before you set a new washing programme.
Setting and starting a washing
programme with delay start
1. Set a washing programme.
2. Press the delay start button until the dis-
play shows the necessary delay start time
for the washing programme. Delay start
time flashes in the digital display.
3. Press the start/cancel button.
– The countdown of the delay start
– The phase indicator lights of the wash-
ing programme go off.
– In the digital display the delay start time
is on with a static light.
When the countdown is completed, the
washing programme automatically starts
The phase indicator light of the phase in pro-
gress comes on.
Do not open the door during the count-
down to prevent interruption of the
countdown. When you close the door
again, the countdown continues from
the point of interruption.
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Table of Contents

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