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Identification - Honeywell EW44*A Series Installation And Setup

Mechanical heatmeters
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Pulse Output Signal
The meter is attached to another device which is capable of
counting pulses or a converter which converts the pulses into
another signal.
Recommended model: P model
The onboard pulse output allows direct wiring to a suitable
device. Pulse unit and value cannot be changed.


All EW447 – EW452
• Dark grey calculator housing with Honeywell logo and OS-
Number starting with 'EW4xx...' lasered onto front panel
• 7-digit LCD display
• Models with MID approval: CE mark and MID approval on
centre of front panel
• Models with EN1434 approval: CE mark and EN1434
approval mark on front panel
• Serial number and meter specs centre bottom
• Red push button
EW447 and EW450
• Unpainted brass flow sensor housing with external threads
on inlet and outlet
• One temperature sensor installed in flow sensor housing
EW448 and EW451
• Dark grey powder coated flow sensor housing with external
threads on inlet and outlet
EW449 and EW452
• Dark red powder coated flow sensor housing with flanges on
inlet and outlet
EN0H-2601GE25 R0413
On board RF
To activate RF function in the field the red pushbutton on the
front side of the meter has to be pushed once. RF can be deac-
tivated with HydroSet software.
On board M-Bus
No field setup required at meter itself. M-Bus parametrisation,
for example primary address setting, can be done via M-Bus
master unit.
Fig. 7. Top view of EW447A1200
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents