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Communication And Readout; Typical Readout Applications - Honeywell EW44*A Series Installation And Setup

Mechanical heatmeters
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Communication and Readout

Model Overview
EW447-452 Series mechanical meters have an optical interface on the front panel and optionally one additional internal interface.
A type: no interface
F type: for RF networks
M type: for M-Bus networks
P type: with pulse output
Communication Options
Optical interface on front panel
Included as standard in all EW447-452 Series mechanical
meters. ZVEI interface, M-Bus protocol, for readout and
parametrisation. Required for access to meter:
• Bluetooth optohead (EWA3001799)
• PC with HydroSet software
Onboard RF
Transmission interval 64 seconds, suitable for walk by and
fixed RF networks. Open Metering Standard protocol,
frequency 868MHz.

Typical Readout Applications

Direct Readout
The meter is visited at its point of installation and desiredvalues
are directly read off display and recorded manually.
Recommended model: A model
Any EW447-452 Series mechanical meter allows direct
readout over the display.
Wired M-Bus Network
The meter is attached to a wired M-Bus network which allows
remote configuration and readout over the M-Bus master.
Recommended model: M model
The factory fitted M-Bus interface allows direct wiring to MBus
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OS# starting
EW44xA..., EW45xA...
EW447F..., EW450F...
EW44xM..., EW45xM...
EW44xP..., EW45xP...
Onboard M-Bus interface
According to EN1434-3, data reading and parametrisation via
two wires with polarity reversal protection.
Onboard pulse output
Two open collector outputs for energy and volume of heat
meters and cooling energy and heat energy for heat and chilled
water meters.
Wireless Networks
Generally there are three kinds of wireless networks:
• Wired M-Bus networks which use RF links for selected parts
of the network. Normally an RF capable meter transmits to
RF/M-Bus converter EW535M0131 which in turn is wired to
an M-Bus master unit
• Mobile RF networks, also called 'walk by'. An RF capable
meter is read out by a person walking or driving past the
meter and equipped with a suitable receiver
• Fixed RF networks. An RF capable meter is read out by a
permanently installed receiver which automatically transmits
the data on to an FTP server
All wireless networks mentioned above use the same kind of
meter, i.e. all RF capable meters listed below are suitable for
use in partially wireless M-Bus networks as well as mobile and
fixed RF networks.
Recommended model: F model
The meter is equipped with an onboard RF interface which
enables the meter to be attached to a suitable RF network.
Alternative : M model + EW9100AEZ001
The M-Bus interface allows direct wiring to external RF trans-
mitter EW9100AEZ001.
Sizes available
All sizes
All sizes
All sizes
EN0H-2601GE25 R0413

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents